Welcome to CrossMetropolitan LED!

Welcome to CrossMetropolitan LED

CrossMetropolitan custom designs and manufactures high quality LED lamps, devices and assemblies for government, large scale private sector. Current clients include Government, Large Insurance Companies, Universities and Hotels.

All CrossMetropolitan LED products carry the highest warranty available at 5 years with full replacement.

Cross Metropolitan Custom LED Products are available with service support  in USA/Australia/NZ/India/Thailand/Singapore.


  • Benefits and Expertise

  • General Benefits of LED

    1. High level of energy efficiency
    2. Modern Look with higher quality light
    3. Caring for the environment and abililty to get carbon credits
    4. Less stress on HVAC
    5. Very long life, no need to change bulbs for several years
    6. Our Expertise and Benefits

      1. Utilizing the best manufacturers and latest technology
      2. Highest quality available in the market today (5 year warranty)
      3. Best price to quality index
      4. Name brand semiconductor chips with packaging in USA for most products
      5. Product Lines (all customizable with through our manufacturing facilities)
      6. BulbStreet LightTubes
  • LED Mood Lighting Airline
  • Airline LED Mood Lighting
  • airport LED
  • All CrossMetropolitan LEDs are manufactured utilizing one of the following brands of semiconductor chips:
  • logologologologologo